Bossons Books and Publications

'The Imagical World of Bossons' ... 

Books I and II 

These books were written by Dr Robert E Davis. 'Book I' was written in 1982 and 'Book II' in 1994. These publications are the only two full volume books written on Bossons products. 

A useful Index to Books 1 & 2, to prevent those pages from getting worn through over usage

Bossons Brochures

Bossons produced numerous Brochures to advertise their many products. These Brochures are now only available on the second hand market.



Bossons Briefs

'Bossons Briefs' are quarterly publications that are circulated to the membership of the 'International Bossons Collectors Society'

The Famous old COLLECT IT Issue 28 - October 1999

This issue certainly helped the promotion of Bossons Collecting......

Second Hand copies of this Magazine are readily available.

The original selling price, back in 1999, was 2.40.

The 'Collect It'  issue 28 Bossons article