Experimental & Prototype Models

Experimental Models where often only a one off creation that never went any further than the first moulding. The experimental models were often given to the Paintresses as gifts.

Experimental Models would probably include such pieces as -

Monkeys (Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil)

Labrador Dog (vitreous)

Churchill Figurine (vitreous)

African in Boat (vitreous)

African Drummer (vitreous)

Tiny Tots (vitreous)

Ivorex Figurines (5no)

Helmsman (wall mask)


Prototype Models where usually produced in a batch of 5no (sometimes 10) and where generally more advanced in there development for possible full release to the Bossons collector.

Prototype Models would probably include such pieces as -

Gamekeeper (never completed)

Chambermaid (no known pieces in existence)


Riverboat Gambler (chalk model produced but never never completed)



Village Blacksmith - There was a piece to be made after the Fly Fisherman titled 'Village Blacksmith' but there is no record of this model ever being produced


A full run of Bossons was usually 100 models. The rare Bengali, Bare Arm Cheyenne and Espana may have only had one run. Kruger may have had a full run but due to most pieces being sent to South Africa the large majority of these models have been lost forever with only a very few remaining.


Some of the earliest Bossons

Frolicking Lamb (1946)

Hobo Pig (1946)

Boyhood Days

(Little Moreton Hall)