This above sign was hung in Ray Bossons Office (see page 6 of book 1) 


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Gamekeeper # 236 at 6" high that was still in the process of being finished when the factory closed. There are no known masks in existence. This was listed in the 1995 catalogue and would probably have been dated 1996. There was supposed to be a Chambermaid and a mask called Riverboat Gambler.

Riverboat Gambler and the Gamekeeper are the only known heads that were never completed.

Also see Helmsman

1973 Artware Catalogue The 1972 Artware Catalogue first mentioned "The Imagical World of Bossons" which was later used for the title of the books  
Illustrating all recent additions up to March 1980
March 1980 (12 x 5.5 inches)      
Recent additions from March 1981
1985 Artware Catalogue
1986 Recent Additions Brochure    
1988 and 1989 Artware Catalogue


1992 - 1993 Mini Folder

The mini folders are 8 x 12. and are not the mini brochures that were sometimes include in the boxes with the models. The larger mini folders were distributed to Bossons to dealers each year to promote sales and to let them know which models were new and also old models still in production. Contains high quality gloss pictures.

1992 - 1993 Mini Folder (cont)  
1994 Mini Folder
1994 Mini Folder (cont)  
1995 Mini Folder
1995 Mini Folder (cont)    
1996 Mini Folder

The Collections

IBCS Memebrship Form

Application Form for the "Imagical World of Bossons"    
'Regal Heads' Brochure This advert shows you how to either stand the Regal heads or hang them on the wall. It gives the head a nice touch. The page is 11 1/4" x 7 3/4"    
Crown Collection
Crown Collection    
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