Lakeland Studios

The Bossons sculptor Alice Brindley did freelance work for Lakeland Studios from 1997 to 1999. We are not sure if she did other freelance work during her working career. These are probably some of her last pieces and the heads would naturally have been made after working with Legends and her Cleopatra. The heads also weigh more than the Bossons models and the detail is not as crisp.



The following is a list of who sculpted the Lakeland Studio pieces as kindly supplied by Adrian Southwell


Nurse Adrian Southwell

Engineer Phil McHugh

Conductor Adrian

Napoleon Alice Brindley

Josephine Alice

Sherlock Holmes Phil

Seaman Adrian

Skipper Phil

Yachtsman Alice

Sailor Alice

Trawlerman Alice

Fish Merchant Phil

Fisherman Adrian

Chef Adrian

Pharmacist Phil

Aviator Phil

Trainer Phil

Sea Captain Adrian

Longshoreman Phil

Drover Adrian

American Fireman Phil

Lifeboatman Adrian

Miner Phil

American Policeman Adrian

Beefeater Phil

Bobby Phil


There was to be another brochure made when six more pieces were added to the range but this was never produced. This means the beefeater and bobby were not on a brochure. There was direct contact with Alice after Bossons closed down which continued for the life of Lakeland Studios. The date stamps on the pieces indicate that production carried on at Lakeland until 1999. Adrian Southwell left in 1999 to work for Lilliput Lane. Shortly after this  Lakeland Studios closed down.




Dated 1997 and modelled by Alice Brindley with paintress initials of CJ.

This is the only piece of the late Brindley sculptures that mentions Lakeland Studios.

The piece has an attached plastic round plate which reads Masqerade 1998 Lakeland Studios and the back is felt covered.  The bottom is dated 1997 and the back 1998.



Lakeland Studios Brochures


Here we have 2no brochures produced by Lakeland Studios. The brochures lists the pieces as the Masquerade series. We have a total of 9 heads with Brindley signatures. All of the heads shown below are signed Brindley sculptures. We are missing the Trawlerman.


The only model with the different hanger and felt back is the Yachtsman which is shown above.

One of the brochures shows Sherlock Holmes which is also has a Brindley signature.




Dated 1997 with silver backing and square hanger. Also with the Lakeland Studio presentation box.

All of these pieces are heavier than the Bossons heads.

Presentation Box

Base of Presentation Box


Inscribed 'Made in Cumbria UK'

Dated 1998, 6 inches high.


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6 inches high

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Fish Merchant





Skipper Sherlock Holmes 

Inscribed "Bobby by Alice Brindley 1998 England"