Bouterware Plaques


The Bouterware Plaques were made by 'Corocraft Studios' in Brooklyn, New York by the Frank M Sayford Company anywhere from the late 1930's to 1950's. The colouring is similar to 'Osborne Ivorex' where they use browns, and a green colouring at a later date. The plaques in their original packaging have the grass and trees painted green, while plaques without the packaging have a brown colouring. There were three different coloured box packaging, a green box, brown box, and blue box. The blue boxes were used for the Nursery Rhyme plaques

Frank M Sayford advert dated 1945

Bouterware advert dates 1943

Bouterware plaques have a waxy feel similar to Ivorex plaques but they tend to be of a thicker material. On the box they list the plaques get yellowed with age, similar to Ivory.

There is almost no information available on the Bouterware plaques. If anybody has any information then we would be interested to here from you...

All plaques measure 5 x 3 inches
Betsey Ross Bok Tower, Florida
Bunker Hill, Boston, Massachusetts Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Country Store Covered Wagon, Kearney, Nebraska
Clipper Ship Empire Sate Building, New York
First Church Christ Scientist, Boston Flamingoes Florida
Gate of Five Nations Fort Niagara 1725 Grand Canyon, Arizona
Gettysburg Renna (Pennsylvania) Hunter & Dogs
Independence Hall, Philadelphia Jack and Jill (nursery rhyme)
Jefferson Memorial Washington DC John Howards Payne Home Sweet Home
Little Boy Blue Linville Caverns, North Carolina
Little Miss Muffet    
Lincoln Memorial Washington DC
Longfellows House Cambridge Massachusetts

(Notice the colouring variations on the trees & shrubs)

Minute Man Statue at Concord Bridge Massachusetts
Mt Rushmore Memorial Mt Shasta, California
Mississippi Steamboat
Natural Bridge Virginia

(three colour variations)


New York Worlds Fair Niagara Falls New York
Old Confederate Capital Richmond Virginia
Ohio Caverns
Old Faithful, Yellowstone Park

Old King Cole (nursery rhyme)


The nursery rhyme plaques have multi colouring which was probably appealing to children. These plaques seem to be the only ones with the multiple colours.

Old South Church, Boston 1729 Old Portland Light, Maine
Paul Revere

(paints colouring variation)


Pioneer Days
Poinsettias Riverside Drive New York
Rockefeller Center New York Rip Van Winkle
Santa Barbara Mission California San Juan Capistrano Mission California
St Louis Zoo St. Patrick's Cathedral New York
Suwannee River Florida
Statue of Liberty New York

(blue water, green tree, brown water and trees)

The Blacksmith Stand Rock Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin)
The Capital Williamsburg Virginia The Capital Washington
The Helmsman The Cobbler
The Inn Keeper
The Home of Washington Mount Vernon VA

(tree/grass colour variations)


The Little Church Around The Corner New York
The Knave of Hearts

(nursery rhyme plaque)


The Mayo Clinic Minn (Minnesota) The Old Mill
The Chapel Annapolis The Old Woman In The Shoe
The Travellers 1850 The Town Crier
Tom Sawyer


The White House Washington DC
Washington Chapel Valley Forge

(tree colouring variation)


Washington Monument Washington DC
Yosemile Falls, California Williamsburg 1735